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Even though this is mainly a travel blog I thought it would be fun to talk about one of my passions. Sewing.  I happen to LOVE sewing.  After Maya was born I was stuck at home with not a lot to do thanks to her amazing sleeping abilities. So to pass the time I thought I’d ask my MIL to teach me how to sew.  Though she’s a humble woman when it comes to taking compliments, my MIL is an amazing seamstress.  She was the perfect person to teach me.  Everyday we sat together while she guided me through how to create garments from start to finish.  She didn’t let me slack.  In fact she was a sewing drill sergeant.  Nothing less than perfection was accepted.  It was daunting and frustrating but I’m so glad she took the time to teach me.

She's too good for your ready to wear

As the years have passed I have come to love one of Paris’ most famous exports: Coco Chanel.  I can’t even hope to afford any of Chanel‘s clothing but I CAN appreciate the spirit she imbued in her vast empire.  She broke the rules and was always willing to try, try, and try again. She’s one of my personal heros and every time I see a piece of clothing I love but can’t afford I quietly say “What would Coco do? She’d make it!”

Now that Maya is old enough to keep herself entertained I have turned my attention back to my sewing. It’s my own way of transporting myself to my own imaginary Parisian fashion haus.  When I’m at my sewing machine, I’m not at home. I’m at Travelista’s Haute Couture Boutique.  Sometimes you don’t have to go far to be taken to where you want to be.

Here’s some of my work!

Dress I made for Maya for a Daddy/Daughter dance. Satin with a sparkle organza overlay.

Donna Karan for Vogue. Cotton stretch sateen.

Vintage Vogue. Linen.

Close up of Vintage Vogue jacket.

ETA: And speaking of inspiration check out the amazing fashions on LadyRomp‘s “Inspiration of Style” post from today! I’m loving the Vera Wang on the left. I might have to go Coco on that.